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Take a look at the latest upcoming tendencies in Wall Art.

White interiors have been dominating the scene décor in the last few years and they are still going strong. This classic style is a safe bet and it can be decorated without fear of getting it wrong. Everybody likes an open and bright white space.

After well over a decade of Minimalist styles, the expected is happening.

According to the Milan Design Week the upcoming trends are taking a 180-degree turn.

The new direction is pointing towards excessiveness, loads of it.

Maximalism is the new thing.

Vibrant wallpapers with rich intricate patterns, heavy curtains, velvet and corduroy upholstered furniture and rich wall colours are some of the tendencies that avant-garde interior designers have been idisplaying lately.

Blues, greens, lemon yellows, purples, Indian reds and oranges are some of the colours that have caught my attention.

If less is more, just think how much more, more will be.


Photo: Devon Janse van Rensburg

Most new tendencies are a consequence of the previous ones. And it seems, we are starting to embrace this style.

Coming strong and taking over the walls of contemporary spaces are:

  • Bold and vibrant abstract paintings where the canvas is entirely covered with an overabundance of energetic colours
  • Conceptual and abstract female nudes
  • Unusually coloured women’s portraits
  • Retro realistic art depicting modern seascapes, landscapes, scenes of daily life and old photographs, all mounted in gilded frames for a confident statement
  • Quirky collages with arbitrary yet intentional imagery and vintage commercial ads with antique appearance thanks to the oxidised paper effect usage
  • Excessive graphic designs and neon signs
  • Botanical art and green and leafy plant portraits with a widest possible selection of green and blue hues
  • Murals, the new big statements

Photo: Original Contemporary Art Prints

This is a shortlist of my preferred upcoming tendencies that is telling me that if it feels good, do it!