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Are you thinking about commissioning an artwork?

 You know what you would like to hang on your wall, but you haven’t seen it anywhere. Do you want to give a personal present to someone special? Or maybe you would like a painting of that beautiful photograph you took on the holidays that brings you great memories.

I can help you bring your idea to life.

Email me a commission request, no obligations.

Read the following topics to make a specific description of the artwork you are after.


What theme, subject or image would you like depicted? A seascape of a particular place, the old farm house, an abstract painting of your dog, an ink drawing with specific colours or a photograph you took and would love to have a painting of it?


Think about the size you would like the painting to be and where exactly you would like to hang it. Will you frame it? If you do, think about the extra space the frame will take. If you have a photograph, do the measurements coincide with the space or would you like it cropped?


What colour palette would you like? Let me know the colours. You have a photograph you would like to replicate? We can either leave as it is or change the tones to the ones you would prefer.


Consider the time frame, it may take between one or three months to complete it.

Allow plenty of time before requesting a commission as some changes and negotiations are required. Depending on the complexity of the image, it may take between one to three months to complete. (And extra time for the varnish fumes to dissipate)

Once I have a detailed description of your requirements, we can discuss further the possibility of commissioning an original painting.