Élida Luciarte is a contemporary artist based on the Victorian Surf Coast of Australia.

The award winning artist completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts, has held several exhibitions in Australia and Spain and has worked in a variety of commissions.

She has always lived near the ocean and, being inspired by her environment, recently started a new series of seascapes, depicting the Surf Coast and areas surrounding the Great Ocean Road.

Her representations range from seascapes, figurative art, abstract art and minimal art, using different mediums such as acrylics, inks and oils.

The style, method and medium vary considerably in her paintings, depending on the theme she selects to portray.

Her technique, when using oils, is very distinctive and lends flourishing colour and a rich vibrancy to scenes of everyday life, where groups of people or individuals may be observed as though part of another narrative, parallel to the world in which the viewer lives.

To represent the ocean, Élida Luciarte uses acrylics. Her intention is to evoke serenity and pleasant memories that come to mind when staring at the ocean.